Welcome to The Always Outdoorsman. We’ve always heard “Do what you love, and the money will follow.” Well, I spent my childhood and early teens in the forests of upstate New York, in the swamps and bayous of Louisiana, backpacking in the Sierra Nevada, bushwhacking and looking for rocks and bones in the desert, and exploring the Quicksilver mines in New Almaden. After 40+ years in the semiconductor industry, spending 10 – 16 hours per day at my desk, in meetings, or in the lab, …… I have finally decided to get back to nature, and you are ALL cordially invited to join me. I’ll be conducting adventurous tours of all kinds, … from wine tasting and gourmet foodie trips, to historical landmarks and National Parks, to shooting sports, hunting, fishing, backpacking expeditions, you name it. So log off your computer, put on some comfortable clothes and sensible shoes, and welcome aboard ! Let’s Get Outdoors !

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